The most STRESSFUL part of the job hunt?

Hello Job Seekers,

Today, I've got a quick tip and a true story about the most stressful part of
the job search.

Of course, I'm talking about the panic-inducing Job Interview!

Enjoy this TRUE STORY...

Years ago my friend Pete lands a job interview as an administrative assistant
for a small production company in Hollywood.

(His life's dream is to be a Hollywood screen writer.)

If you ask anyone who knows Pete well, he's "never" on time for
ANY-thing! :-)

However, Pete does have a GREAT sense of style, and on this day he is dressed
for success.

A brand-spankin' new tailored suit, sharp tie, and perfectly polished dress

Pete fights his way through the traffic in a race against time (and himself)
;-) as he finally arrives to the parking lot one minute EARLY!

He runs towards the building scrambling for the nearest door, flings it open,
and jams his left foot square into a little step awaiting him just inside the
door -- falling headfirst into...

But not just INTO a wall... Pete's head slams RIGHT THROUGH the drywall leaving
a huge hole next to the bottom of the stairs.

Pete staggers to his feet light-headed and seeing stars, (not Hollywood stars,
mind you)... as his adrenaline takes over, he's again ready for action and
wants this job!

Pete looks around praying no one has witnessed this boneheaded maneuver and
assuming the coast is clear, he runs up the stairs attempting to open the next
door successfully.

It's locked.

Pete runs back down the stairs, flying by his newly created disaster area, and
around to the front of the building.

He walks in the front door acting as if everything is perfectly normal (hey,
it's Hollywood)... trying to keep his breathing in check, he tells the
receptionist who he is and the person he's here to interview with.

Pete sits down in a lobby couch doing his best to calm down as he awaits his

Pete flaps his shirt checking for sweat and dirt and thinks he just might pull
this off after all.

Suddenly, in walks Jerry the hiring manager... "Hello, you must be Pete,
my name's Jerry" offering a handshake and a half grin/frown.

Pretending nothing is wrong, Pete replies, "Yes that would be me. I'm here
for the interview. It's very nice to meet you Jerry."

Jerry continues, "Follow me please."

The small talk begins as he leads Pete out of the lobby down the long hallway
towards his office.

Pete can't quite put his finger on it, but something is WAY OFF as they
continue walking and talking.

Jerry seems very "hesitant" as he speaks to Pete, as if he doesn't
want to be there.

They sit down in the office and that's when things get really awkward.

Jerry abruptly says, "Pete, it actually looks like you have little pieces
of drywall in your hair, is everything okay, or is there something you'd like
to tell me?"


Okay back to the exciting conclusion of Pete's wall-busting interview...

In an instant, the blood from Pete's face drains faster than a popped water

Pete is absolutely speechless when Jerry continues, "one of our
maintenance men heard a big noise from the back of the building and found a
hole in the wall as he saw someone running around to the front of the building.

Would that happen to be you Pete?"

HORRIFIED, Pete begins to mumble, "Umm, yes that was me. I, ahh, wanted to
be on time for the interview and in a rush I tripped and went headfirst into
the wall. I was going to say something but I wanted this opportunity so badly
that I didn't know what to do or say about it. I'm so sorry, I'll pay for the

Jerry quickly replies, "thank you for being honest, this interview is over
and you do not owe us any money. Please see yourself out and we wish you the

Pete felt humiliated.

But he learned from this experience, changed his tardy ways and through
persistence and passion is actually working as a screen writer in Hollywood as
I write this email.

It's a wild true story and Pete's first impression didn't go over well. (ON the
wall OR with Jerry) ;-)

There are BASIC but IMPORTANT things to keep in mind when you show up for any job

Yours for OUTSTANDING job search success,



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